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Managed IT Services

At Link Communications & Technology Inc., managed IT Service solution provides you with an enterprise-class technology based on your business needs, without the costs or limitations of a full on-premises solution. We provide professionally-staffed first level support for your servers, desktops, including office suites, browsers, email, and network connectivity.  We also support specific applications and act as technical liaison for third-party custom packages. At Link Communications & Technology Inc., we provide you with remote support on your current infrastructure and we are there when you need us to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Building Automation System

It is estimated that a BAS can save a business between 5% and 25% on utility costs by managing HVAC and lighting systems. HVAC and lighting are the two largest users of energy in modern buildings and are usually the first systems to be automated. Wired and or Wireless BAS systems can monitor every zone of the building and make instant adjustments to maintain comfort while lowering energy usage. Lighting can be reduced remotely in areas of the building that are not occupied which also cuts energy cost. Let us show you how?

Building Automation Graphics

In today’s wired world, our clients demand real-time web based connectivity and availability for their building automation and management system. Our world class, in-house developed user interfaces provide clear, complete and up-to-date information about your facility from anywhere in the world. Custom designed slides, powerful scheduling, emailed alarms and detailed log data from the sensor and controller network are the cornerstones of our graphic solutions. Let us show you how?

Web Design and Hosting

At Link Communications & Technology Inc.; we work with you with from the very beginning process of choosing a domain name, set-up your web hosting space, developing your web site, setting up email addresses, and design a logo. We provide result-oriented solutions through a service that is personal, perceptive, and most importantly – enjoyable.

Security & Access Control System

Protecting your home or business is a basic human instinct – you have worked hard for what you have. At Link Communications & Technology Inc., we are dedicated to providing you with a true security system for your business which can improve the overall business operations, efficiencies and profitability of a business. We set ourselves apart with unwavering integrity and a strict code of ethics. When you know you are safe and secure, you can rest easily. It will also give you, as a business or a property owner, Less Stress and Peace of Mind!

Structured Cabling

Stable, seamless and secure network management is the essential backbone that keeps your IT environment running smoothly. At Link Communications & Technology Inc., we offer complete network assessments, design, implementation, and support services – all within your budget expectations. As your business grows and evolves, so will your computer-networking environment. Whether you’re looking at creating a new network, upgrading or relocating an existing network, we can help design and implement your network environment and protocols to provide a reliable and optimal performance to meet your current and future business needs.

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