Life and Tech #39: Internet of Things Comes to the Masses

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Life and Tech #39: Internet of Things Comes to the Masses:

-By – Robert Scoble

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LIFE AND TECH #39: Internet of Things Comes to the Masses

Internet of Things, aka “IoT” is all the rage. You know, all these new connected things like Nest thermostats, Hue lights, digital door locks and other devices that have lights, sensors, motors or switches, along with a small computer and are connected to the Internet.

On Monday, building IoT-based devices is going to get a lot easier and cheaper thanks to

Take a look at its new Electron cellular development kit. This $39 kit lets you build advanced prototypes — often without writing code — that connect to the Internet via cell towers. Here’s the video I shot at its headquarters earlier this week:

Just think of the things that are now easy to build. Farmers can try out new kinds of drone-based systems. Kids can build new kinds of weather stations. Businesses can do new things on factory lines. Very exciting.

Speaking of Internet of Things, Cisco just bought Jasper Technologies for $1.4 billion. Jasper’s IoT cards are inside GM cars, many of the world’s vending machines and most of the electronic car charging stations you see in the San Francisco area. Details on that here:

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